Xbrowser is an easy-to-use program and it has very user-freindly interface for browsing remote UNIX/Linux machines which support XDMCP connections. By default it broadcasts an XDMCP (X Display Manager Control Protocol) query message to all the hosts in your local network and displays the hosts that respond to the query message.

To connect to a host, you can simply double-click on the host icon displayed in the Xbrowser window. Actually Xbrowser executes Xmanager with the hostname you selected. Xbrowser is able to run multiple Xmanager to get multiple XDMCP sessions simultaneously. Each XDMCP session launched by Xbrowser has a unique display number which starts from zero. Xmanager allocates a display number for each XDMCP session automatically and you do not have to worry about configuring the display number.

Xbrowser allows you to create a new XDMCP session by copying existing one or using New Session Wizard. Once you create a new session, it is stored on your PC and you can change its options or create a shortcut of the session.

Xbrowser can also create and display Xstart sessions. All Xstart sessions are shared by Xstart and Xbrowser. You can show or hide Xstart sessions on your preference.