The New Session Wizard allows you to create Xstart and XDMCP sessions step by step. You can open it by pointing to New on the File menu and then clicking New Session Wizard.

Xbrowser New Session Wizard

The New Session Wizard is a simple way to create both Xstart and XDMCP sessions for beginners. For advanced users, an Xstart program is available to create and manage Xstart sessions.

The New Session Wizard provides three types of sessions: Xstart, XDMCP and Passive.

Xstart sessions are useful when you want to run a remote X application. Once you create an Xstart session, you can run a remote X application such as an xterm in one click as you run a Windows application. It connects to the remote host and run a specified command automatically to open a remote X application on your Windows.

XDMCP sessions are used to get a graphic login window and full desktop environment of the remote host. Xmanager supports CDE, KDE, GNOME, and all other GUI desktops for UNIX/Linux machines.

Passive sessions are used when you want to run Xmanager ahead and run X applications later using Xstart or any terminal program such as telnet. When Xmanager starts, it just sits idle and waits for connections from X applications.