In the FTP connection, you can choose Passive mode. For more information on Passive mode, see Data Connection Type of Commands menu.

To connect in Use passive mode from a session:

  1. Open the Sessions dialog box.
  2. Select the session you wish to connect.
  3. Click Properties on the Toolbar.
  4. Click Options tab on the Properties dialog box.
  5. Check Use passive mode.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Connect this session.
Note: If the Passive mode is already selected, you can connect the session directly without changing the session properties.

To connect in Use passive mode from Address bar:

  1. Close all Remote Folder windows if any of them are opened.
  2. Do one of the followings.
  3. On the Properties dialog box of the default session, click the Options tab.
  4. Check Use passive mode.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Connect from the Address bar.
Note: : If the Passive Mode is already selected in the default session properties, you can connect directly from the Address bar without making any change.