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Working with the administrative interfaces

There are two administrative interfaces for Windows Media Services: the Windows Media Services snap-in for Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and Windows Media Services Administrator for the Web, a Web-based administration interface that uses Active Server Pages (ASP) hosted by Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).

The Windows Media Services user interfaces are divided into two parts: the console tree on the left and the details pane on the right. The console tree is organized as a hierarchy composed of group, server, and publishing point items. The information displayed in the details pane changes based on the item you click in the console tree.

If you click a server or a publishing point in the console tree, the details pane displays tabs that enable you to monitor and configure your server or publishing point. If you click a group or the Troubleshooting item in the console tree, the details pane shows a summary of relevant statistics for that item. The details pane has a row of buttons at the bottom that you can use to perform administrative tasks.

In addition to the console tree and details pane, the Windows Media Services snap-in also has four wizards to help you create publishing points, wrapper playlists, and announcement files.

Working with the console tree

The console tree can contain the following items:

Working with the details pane

The details pane is the area of the interface used to perform tasks and monitor the operation of Windows Media servers. The contents of the details pane changes depending on the item you click in the console tree.

The details pane typically consists of several tabs. Each tab provides you with information and server management capabilities specific to certain aspects of server operation. The buttons at the bottom of the tab enable you to perform common server tasks.

Working with groups of servers

Each administrative interface handles the administration of multiple servers differently. The following list describes the differences:

Working with wizards

In the Windows Media Services snap-in, four wizards are available to help you perform complex tasks. Each wizard takes you through a step by step process that helps you understand the operations you are performing.

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