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About troubleshooting

Clicking the Troubleshooting item in the console tree displays the troubleshooting list in the details pane. You can use the troubleshooting list to view system events and warnings that have occurred since the Windows Media Services service started or since the list was cleared. You can use the data in this list to help you to identify and resolve issues on the server. The area at the top of the details pane indicates the number of unresolved events.

The details pane displays the following information for each event in the list.

Item Description
Type Displays an icon that identifies the event as either an error, warning, or information event.
Date Displays the month, day, and year the event occurred.
Time Displays the time of day the event occurred. The time is displayed in the time format used by the server, which can be either Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) or local time.
Location Displays the name of the server or publishing point that generated the event.
Number Displays the number of times the event has occurred.
Description Provides more specific information about the type of event.

You can use the following buttons in the details pane to perform troubleshooting tasks:

Web administration feature For Windows Media Services Administrator for the Web

Use the following settings to configure additional troubleshooting options:

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