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Controlling streaming behavior with URL modifiers

You can control how players and distribution servers receive a stream by adding a modifier to the path of a source. When a user opens a URL with a modifier, the Player property that is affected by the modifier is temporarily overridden with the new value. The property returns to the previous value when a user plays content that does not have a modifier.

You add a modifier the same way you would add a query string to an URL. After the URL, add a question mark character (?), followed by the modifier and the modifier value:


You can combine multiple modifiers with ampersands (&):


The modifier can be added anywhere a source value is used or entered, such as a src attribute value in a server-side or client-side playlist. If you need to use multiple modifiers in a playlist, you must do it differently than you would in a URL. This is because playlists are Extensible Markup Language (XML) documents in which the ampersand character (&) has a defined behavior. Therefore, you must explicitly specify the ampersand character and then separate the entries with a semicolon. For example, two modifiers combined would look like this:


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