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You can use the clientData element to associate descriptive text, banner images, and logging information with playlist elements. Descriptive text, such as artist name and track title, is then displayed in Windows Media Player 9 Series or later or a player that uses the Windows Media Player 9 Series ActiveX control. Using the clientData element, you can also display banner images, associated hyperlinks, and ToolTip text.

You can insert a clientData element anywhere in a playlist. It can be a child of any element except another clientData element. The information it contains is sent to the client when the clientData element becomes active.

An excl, seq, priorityClass or switch element may have more than one clientData element, and each clientData element may contain multiple attributes. Depending on where you add a clientData element, the information will apply either to an individual media element or to a collection of media elements. A clientData element is overridden by a clientData element of a higher level. For example, the title information specified for a group of media elements takes precedence over the title information specified for an individual media element. Likewise, text properties, such as title, author, and copyright, encoded in a file's header are overridden by the corresponding clientData elements in the playlist.

In the following example, a seq element is nested inside another seq element. The clientData elements specify titles for both an individual media element and a nested sequence of elements. The media element Open.wmv plays first, displaying the individual title attribute value of Welcome. Then the nested sequence plays, starting with Video1.wmv. Because the clientData element is a child of the seq element, the title attribute value Segment 1 displays as the title for all the media elements in the sequence. The title attribute value associated with the media element Video1.wmv is overridden by the sequence title.

<?wsx version='1.0'?>
		<media src="Open.wmv">
			<clientData title="Welcome"/>
			<clientData title="Segment 1"/>
			<media src="Video1.wmv">
				<clientData title="Video 1"/>
			<media src="Video2.wmv"/>
			<media src="Video3.wmv"/>

The following example incorporates multiple clientData attributes.

<?wsx version="1.0"?>
   <media id="Media1" src="C:\Wmpub\Wmroot\Musictrack1.wma">
	<clientData album="Album Name" artist="Don Funk" 
	 copyright="(c) Company name" genre="Rock" title="Music" />


Attributes modify the properties of a playlist element. You can use the following optional attributes with the clientData element.

Name Description
album Specifies the album name. For more information, see album attribute.
artist Specifies the artist name. For more information, see artist attribute.
author Specifies the author's name. For more information, see author attribute.
bannerAbstract Specifies the text that is displayed as a ToolTip for the banner image displayed in Windows Media Player. For more information, see bannerAbstract attribute.
bannerInfoURL Specifies the URL that the user can access by clicking the banner image in Windows Media Player. For more information, see bannerInfoURL attribute.
bannerURL Specifies the URL of an image file that appears in the display panel of Windows Media Player. For more information, see bannerURL attribute.
copyright Specifies copyright information. For more information, see copyright attribute.
genre Specifies the genre. Fore more information, see genre attribute.
logURL Specifies the URL that is used to post log statistics to either the origin server or any Web server. For more information, see logURL attribute.
title Specifies a title. For more information, see title attribute.

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