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bannerAbstract attribute

The bannerAbstract attribute is typically used with the bannerURL and bannerInfoURL attributes to add ToolTip information to a banner image displayed in Windows Media Player. The bannerAbstract attribute value provides the text information displayed when a user pauses the mouse pointer on the banner image.

When a client accesses a playlist that has a banner image, the client downloads the image specified by the bannerURL attribute value. When the parent element of the bannerURL attribute becomes active, the banner image is displayed in the lower third of the Windows Media Player Now Playing pane. Values specified for the bannerAbstract attribute must be text strings.

The following example shows a playlist with specified banner attribute values:

<?wsx version="1.0"?>
	<media src="lpp://server/spain">
		<clientData title="Spain"
		 bannerAbstract="Click here for more information about Spain"

When the client accesses the playlist, Spain_Banner1.gif is downloaded and displayed in the Player. The bannerAbstract attribute value is displayed as a ToolTip. When the user clicks the banner image, the Web browser displays the Web page specified in the bannerInfoURL attribute.

The bannerAbstract attribute can be specified for the following playlist element:

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