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Controlling unicast connections to a publishing point

The options for controlling client connections depend on the type of publishing point you use. You can find tools to control client connections to your publishing point on the Monitor, Source, and Properties tabs.

On-demand publishing points

To control client connections to on-demand publishing points, use the following buttons on the Monitor tab:

Broadcast publishing points

To enable clients to receive content from a broadcast publishing point, use one of the following options:

After a broadcast publishing point is started, you can enable the Deny new unicast connections option, which prevents new unicast connections to the publishing point. This option does not disconnect currently connected clients. As connected clients stop receiving the stream, the number of connections gradually decreases. If you want to disconnect all clients immediately, you can select the Disconnect all clients command. If you have denied connections to your publishing point and want to begin granting client access, you can choose the Allow new unicast connections option.

You can control client connections by configuring limits in publishing point properties. For example, you can limit the number of client connections and bandwidth usage. For more information, see Setting publishing point limits.

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