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The following phone features are new in Windows Mobile 6. Any additional software requirements are listed with each feature. If there are any additional hardware requirements, those requirements are also listed.

Developer Experience Features Description

What's New in Naming Conventions for Windows Mobile 6

The new names reflect the capabilities of the Windows Mobile devices rather than specific form factors.

Compact Framework

The .NET Compact Framework version 2 SP2 is now included in ROM on Windows Mobile devices. The Device Emulators also include SP2. For more information, see the topic Developing with Managed Code.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition

SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition is a lightweight version of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for use as a compact local database on a desktop, Tablet PC, or Windows Mobile/Windows Embedded CE device. Developers can use the same database to develop applications that are occasionally connected across all Microsoft client platforms. The database can be used for local storage as well as for synchronizing data with other editions of SQL Server 2005. SQL Server Compact Edition is included in ROM in Windows Mobile 6.5 devices. For more information, see the topic Writing Applications that Access Databases.

New default database

EDB has replaced CEDB as the default database. CEDB is obsolete in Windows Mobile as of Windows Mobile 6.

Windows Mobile Ink

Windows Mobile Ink is the platform for Ink services for Windows Mobile Professional and Windows Mobile Classic. It provides full interoperability with Ink data from Tablet PC by using the Ink Serialized Format (ISF) stream. It provides APIs for ink collection, recognition, rendering, and data management.

New APIs for audio file playback.

Improved support for audio file playback. See the topic Sounds Reference.


Internet Explorer Mobile now supports the IFRAME element.

Windows Mobile Marketplace

Windows Mobile Marketplace is a framework that allows users to browse, purchase, download, and install third-party software applications directly from their devices. Web-based store fronts that are hosted by one or more software distribution partners selected by the operator or OEM are used by the Marketplace client application on the device. The client application provides a standardized interface to the online stores and manages purchase and installation transactions. For more information, see Marketplace .

Security, GPS and Resolution Awareness Tools

These Windows Mobile specific tools and utilities are designed to help developers who are creating Windows Mobile applications. The tools include GPS support, security, and resolution-awareness utilities.

The CabSignTool makes it easier to sign multiple files for distribution.

The CAB Wizard and Wceload tools provide assistance in packaging files for deployment to devices. For more information, see CAB Wizardand Wceload Tool.

Cellular Emulator

Cellular Emulator, or CellEmu, offers the following:

  • It is a UI-driven desktop application, which makes it easy to operate.

  • Its device images incorporate an actual production radio driver.

  • It supports PPP data connection.

With the Cellular Emulator, you can simulate real phone activity on the Device Emulator.

Device Emulator for Windows Mobile

The Device Emulator has been updated to version 2, with many improvements and new features.

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