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OEMs have a variety of hardware options when building Windows Mobile devices. Some hardware features have associated programmable behaviors that developers can use for their Windows Mobile applications.

In This Section

Mobile Device Hardware Overview

Describes the standard hardware features included on Windows Mobile devices.

Navigation Keys

Describes the hardware navigation controls that allow a user to start applications, navigate lists, open records, and close fields and dialog boxes.

Program Keys

Describes the program keys included on most devices for Windows Mobile Professional and Windows Mobile Classic.

How to Modify Program Key Behavior

Provides a code example showing how you can extend the program-key associated behavior of your application.

How to Program a Press-and-Hold Feature

Provides a step-by-step procedure showing how you can use the press-and-hold feature of a program key when programming your application.

How to Override the Back Key for Dialog Boxes with Edit Controls

Provides a step-by-step procedure for overriding the default behavior of the Back key on Windows Mobile Standard.

How to Handle the Back Key for Dialog Boxes Without Edit Controls

Provides a code example showing how to handle the WM_COMMANDmessage sent by the Back key.

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