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When a user presses the Backkey in a dialog box that does not have any edit controls, the Backkey sends a Windows Embedded CE WM_COMMANDmessage with the command ID IDCANCELto the dialog box. The following code example illustrates how to handle the WM_COMMANDmessage.

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BOOL rb;
int rc;

		// User closes the dialog box by pressing the Back key.
			rb = EndDialog(hwnd, 0);
			if (rb == FALSE)  // EndDialog failed.
				rc = MessageBox(NULL, _T("Could not destroy dialog
								_T("Error"), MB_OK);
				if (rc == 0)  // Not enough memory to create
					return E_OUTOFMEMORY;
				return E_FAIL;  // Replace with specific error
			else  // EndDialog succeeded.
				return S_OK;
	}  // case IDCANCEL
}  // switch
	break;  // from case WM_COMMAND

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