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The following table shows the topics on programming considerations and examples of the basic tasks your application may need to perform.

For information on a specific Message Queuing COM component method, property, or event, see the specific reference page in the Message Queuing Reference.

For examples on See

Creating queues

Creating a Queue (COM)

Opening queues

Opening a Queue (COM)

Deleting queues

Deleting a Queue (COM)

Sending messages to a queue

Sending Messages to a Queue (COM)

Reading messages from a queue

Reading Messages in a Queue (COM)

Purging messages from a queue

Purging Messages in a Queue (COM)

Requesting target and source journaling

Requesting Journaling (COM)

Filtering messages using message properties

Filtering Messages (COM)

Retrieving the properties of an existing queue

Retrieving Queue Properties (COM)

Setting the properties of an existing queue

Setting Queue Properties (COM)

Sending an retrieving messages within transactions

Using Transactions (COM)

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