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This message is sent by an application before adding a large number of items to the list box portion of a combo box. This message allocates memory for storing list box items.


wParam = (WPARAM)(int) 
  lParam = (LPARAM)(DWORD) 



Specifies the number of items to add.


Specifies the amount of memory to allocate for item strings, in bytes.

Return Value

The total number of items for which memory has been pre-allocated — that is, the total number of items added by all successful CB_INITSTORAGE messages — indicates success. CB_ERRSPACE indicates failure.


The CB_INITSTORAGE message helps speed up the initialization of combo boxes that have a large number of items (over 100). It reserves the specified amount of memory so that subsequent CB_ADDSTRING and CB_INSERTSTRINGmessages take the shortest possible time. You can use estimates for the cItemsand cbparameters. If you overestimate, the extra memory is allocated, if you underestimate, the normal allocation is used for items that exceed the requested amount.


Header winuser.h
Windows Embedded CE Windows CE 1.0 and later
Windows Mobile Windows Mobile Version 5.0 and later

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