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This message is sent by an application to insert a string into the list box of a combo box. Unlike the CB_ADDSTRINGmessage, the CB_INSERTSTRING message does not cause a list with the CBS_SORT style to be sorted.


wParam = (WPARAM) 
  lParam = (LPARAM)(LPCSTR) 



Specifies the zero-based index of the position at which to insert the string. If this parameter is –1, the string is added to the end of the list.


Long pointer to the null-terminated string to be inserted. If you create the combo box with an owner-drawn style but without the CBS_HASSTRINGS style, the value of the lpszparameter is stored rather than the string it would otherwise point to.

Return Value

The index of the position at which the string was inserted indicates success. CB_ERR indicates that an error has occurred. CB_ERRSPACE indicates that there is insufficient space available to store the new string.


Header winuser.h
Windows Embedded CE Windows CE 1.0 and later
Windows Mobile Windows Mobile Version 5.0 and later

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