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This function dispatches a message to a window procedure. It is typically used to dispatch a message retrieved by the GetMessagefunction.


LONG  DispatchMessage( 
  const MSG* 



[in] Pointer to an MSGstructure that contains the message.

Return Value

The return value specifies the value returned by the window procedure. Although its meaning depends on the message being dispatched, the return value generally is ignored.


The MSGstructure must contain valid message values. If the lpmsgparameter points to a WM_TIMERmessage and the lParamparameter of the WM_TIMER message is not NULL, lParampoints to a function that is called instead of the window procedure.


Header winuser.h
Library coredll.lib
Windows Embedded CE Windows CE 1.0 and later
Windows Mobile Windows Mobile Version 5.0 and later

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