Microsoft Windows CE 3.0  


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Pauses all the filters in the filter graph.

HRESULT Pause( );

Return Values

Returns S_OK if the graph is actually paused.

Returns S_FALSE if the graph is in paused state but some filters have not completed the transition to pause. Call GetStateto wait for the transition to the paused state to complete or to check if the transition has completed. If the method returns S_FALSE, subsequent calls to GetStatewill return a value of State_Pausedwhen the graph is paused. If the transition to paused is not complete GetStatecan return a return code of VFW_S_STATE_INTERMEDIATE.

Returns an HRESULTerror code if the graph could not transition to paused state and is now stopped.


In the paused state, filters process data but do not render it. Data is pushed down the filter graph and is processed by transform filters as far as buffering permits. No data is rendered (except that media types capable of being rendered statically, such as video, have a static, poster frame rendered in paused mode). Therefore, putting a filter graph into a paused state cues the graph for immediate rendering when put into a running state.