Microsoft Windows CE 3.0  


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Contains a text string representing the name of the author of an Advanced Stream Redirector (ASX) file or media clip.

<AUTHOR> text string </AUTHOR>



Parent/Child Information

Parent elements ASX, ENTRY
Child elements None


This element contains a text string representing the name of the author of an ASX file or media clip. You can use the AUTHOR element within the ASXelement and within ENTRYelements.

Use the GetMediaInfoStringmethod to retrieve the value of the AUTHOR element for a show or clip.

Each parent ASX and ENTRY element should contain at most one child AUTHOR element. Multiple AUTHOR elements after the first will be ignored and will not display.


S.</AUTHOR> <!-- Show author --> <ENTRY> <REF
HREF="mms://" />
<AUTHOR>Robert P.</AUTHOR> <!-- Clip author -->