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Setting Color Keys

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You can set the source or destination color key for a surface either when creating it or afterwards.

To set a color key or keys when creating a surface, you assign the appropriate color values to one or both of the ddckCKSrcBltand ddckCKDestBltmembers of the DDSURFACEDESC2structure that is passed to IDirectDraw4::CreateSurface. To enable the color key for blitting, you must also include one or both of DDSD_CKSRCBLT or DDSD_CKDESTBLT in the dwFlagsmember.

To set a color key for an existing surface you use the IDirectDrawSurface5::SetColorKeymethod. You specify a key in the lpDDColorKeyparameter and set either DDCKEY_SRCBLT or DDCKEY_DESTBLT in the dwFlagsparameter to indicated whether you are setting a source or destination key. If the DDCOLORKEYstructure contains a range of colors, you must also set the DDCKEY_COLORSPACE flag. If this flag is not set, only the dwColorSpaceLowValuemember of the structure is used.

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