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Capture Overview

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The DirectSoundCapture object is used to query the capabilities of sound capture devices and to create buffers for capturing audio from an input source. DirectSoundCapture allows capturing of data in PCM or compressed formats.

The DirectSoundCaptureBuffer object represents a buffer used for receiving data from the input device. Like playback buffers, this buffer is conceptually circular: when input reaches the end of the buffer, it automatically starts again at the beginning.

The methods of the DirectSoundCaptureBuffer object allow you to retrieve the properties of the buffer, start and stop audio capture, and lock portions of the memory so that you can safely retrieve data for saving to a file or for some other purpose.

As with playback, DirectSound allows you to request notification when captured data reaches a specified position within the buffer, or when capture has stopped. This service is provided through the IDirectSoundNotifyinterface.

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