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Using ShowAccs

ShowAccs can examine the registry in approximately five minutes. Walking through the entire registry or file system, however, might require many hours, depending on the size of the file system and the scope of analysis. Examining every ACL on every file and converting security identifiers (SIDs) on a large file system of roughly 50 gigabytes (GB) can take two or more hours with 100 percent CPU utilization.

Installing Security Migration Editor

Before running the Security Migration Editor snap-in, it must be initialized from the command prompt with the command:

   regsvr32 sidwkr.dll

This initializes the class libraries used by the snap-in.

Using Security Migration Editor

To use the snap-in, add it to the MMC. Security Migration Editor can also be started from the command prompt with the command:


Further instructions on using snap-ins can be found in Help for the MMC.