Sources of Change Column Set

This column set indicates statistics about sources of change in the replica set. In normal use, most systems will have a limited number of systems that generate change in the replica set. Use this column set on a regular base to confirm that change is being originated from the expected systems. New information in this column set includes:


The time Sonar last collected data from this member


Shows servers that have detected files that have been touched by some process, but not updated. For troubleshooting details, see Excessive Replication and High CPU and Disk Usage by Ntfrs.exe.

LocalChangeOrdersDelta, LocalChangeOrdersCycle, and LocalChangeOrdersTotal

Shows changes initiated by this member in the last 24 hours. Regularly look to see that changes are being initiated from computers you expect. Look for unusual cases of many members suddenly originating changes, or for one computer unexpectedly initiating a lot of change.

ChangeOrdersMorphedCycle and ChangeOrdersMorphedTotal

Shows the number of directories morphed to foldername_NTFRS_xxxxxxxx names due to conflicting updates. See Morphed Folders for details on the causes and cleanup of this situation