Morphed Folders

FRS has detected that two or more identically named folders on different servers were added to the replica tree. FRS identifies the conflict during replication, and the receiving member protects the original copy of the folder and renames (morphs) the later inbound copy of the folder. The morphed folder names have a suffix of "_NTFRS_xxxxxxxx," where "xxxxxxxx" represents eight random hexadecimal digits.

There are two common causes of this condition:



Locate the morphed folders in the replica tree. (To see which folders are morphed in Ultrasound, use the Files in replica set view on the Advanced tab. Sort the view by the MorphedDirectory column. You may need to collect data from the reference replica member first.)

To recover from this condition, the best practice is to rename the original folders and the morphed folders and wait for the renamed folders to propagate to all replica members. This will ensure that the folders have a common name throughout the replica set and have file GUIDS that match on all members. Note that you cannot just delete the unwanted folder and rename the other one as this could lead to even more naming conflicts.

After the rename has propagated, choose the one you want to keep, and rename it back to the original name, and then you can safely delete the remaining morphed folders.

For more information about cleaning up morphed folders, see article 328492, "Folder Name Is Changed to FolderName_NTFRS_<xxxxxxxx>" at