USN Journal Wrap

FRS event ID 13568 occurs when the specified replica member enters a journal wrap condition. The NTFS file system maintains a special log called the USN journal, which is a high-level description of all the changes to files and directories on an NTFS volume. FRS uses this mechanism to track changes to the file system in directories of interest, and queue those changes for replication to other computers.

The USN journal has defined size limits and will discard old log information on a first in, first out basis to maintain its correct size. If FRS processing falls behind the USN journal, and if USN journal information that FRS needed has been discarded, then FRS enters a journal wrap condition. FRS then needs to rebuild its current replication state with respect to the file system and other replication partners.

FRS can encounter USN journal wrap conditions in the following cases:


If FRS is experiencing journal wrap errors on a particular server, it cannot replicate files until the condition has been cleared. To continue replication, you must stop FRS on that server and perform a nonauthoritative restore of the data so that the system can synchronize with its replication partners. Note the following about nonauthoritative restores:

For more information about nonauthoritative restores, see Performing a Nonauthoritative Restore.

For information about sizing the USN journal to avoid journal wraps, see Adjust the USN Journal Size Accordingly.