Adjust the USN Journal Size Accordingly

When sizing the USN journal, use 128 MB for every 100,000 files on the volume. If files on the volume are changed or renamed frequently (regardless of whether they are part of the replica set), consider sizing the USN journal larger than these recommendations to prevent USN journal wraps, which can occur when large numbers of files change so quickly that the USN journal must discard the oldest changes (before FRS has a chance to detect the changes) to stay within the specified size limit. To recover from a journal wrap, you must perform a nonauthoritative restore (also called a D2) on the server to synchronize its files with the files on the other replica members.

When determining the USN journal size, also consider the following:

Use the following procedure to adjust the USN journal size. Note that the USN journal size applies to all volumes on the server.

To change the USN journal size

  1. In the Run dialog box, type regedit.exe, and click OK.
  2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\NtFrs\Parameters
  3. Right-click the Parameters subkey and choose New -> DWORD Value.
  4. Type NTFS journal size in MB as the new value name and press Enter.
  5. Right click NTFS journal size in MB and click Modify.
  6. Click Decimal, and then in the Value data field, type the size in megabytes that you would like to make the NTFS journal.
  7. Click OK, and then close the Registry Editor.
  8. At the command prompt, type net stop ntfrs & net start ntfrs.