API functions
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AddForcedVirtualLoadPath - Forced DLLs located outside the package to be loaded as virtual DLLs
ExitProcess - Immediately quits the current process
ExpandPath - Expands a path which is in Macro format
ExecuteExternalProcess - Executes a command on the system outside of the virtual environment
ExecuteVirtualProcess - Executes a command inside of the virtual environment
GetFileVersionValue - Returns version information from a DLL or EXE
GetCommandLine - Returns the full commandline and parameters passed to the current process
GetCurrentProcessName - Returns the full path name of the current process inside the virtual environment
GetOSVersion - Returns a description of the current Windows OS version
GetEnvironmentVariable - Retrieves a system environment variable
RemoveSandboxOnExit - Tells Thinstall to delete the sandbox directory when the last process exits
SetEnvironmentVariable - Sets an environment variable for the current process, changes are inherited to child processes.
SetFileSystemIsolation - Sets the isolation mode of a directory
SetRegistryIsolation - Sets the isolation mode of a registry key
WaitForProcess - Waits until a specified process has completed exeuction