Windows 2003 Server Tweaks - Disable Shut Down Tracker

If you want to remove the Shutdown Event Tracker, the new Windows 2003 Server feature, and don't want to document the shutdowns in Event Logs especially in a testing environment, you can easily disable this feature in the Local Computer Policy MMC. This console is not in the Administrative tools by default, so you have to create it:

  1. Open a blank MMC console by typing mmc from the command line.

  2. From the empty console, click the File menu and select Add/Remove Snap-in or press Ctrl+M.

  3. From the Add/Remove Snap-in page, click Add or Alt+D, choose Group Policy, select Local Computer and click Finish.

  4. From the Add Standalone Snap-in page, click Close. From the Add/Remove Snap-in page, click OK.

  5. Expand Local Computer Policy -> Computer -> Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System and in the right pane locate Display Shutdown Event Tracker.

  6. Double-click the Display Shutdown Event Tracker and select Enabled. Change the drop-down selector to Never.

  7. Click OK to accept the policy change. Close the MMC console, saving it if prompted to so.



Lex van der Horst

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