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Outlook enforces two file attachment security levels by default. Any file attachment that belongs to a Level 1 file extension is blocked and can't be viewed or programmatically accessed by a recipient. Additionally, if you try to send e-mail messages programmatically that contain Level 1 file attachments, Outlook will warn the user that recipients may not be able to view the attachments; there is no way to avoid this warning, even with customized security settings.

Any e-mail message that contains a Level 2 file attachment prompts Outlook to ask users to save the file attachment to their hard disks. Level 2 file attachments cannot be opened directly from e-mail messages. If you use Outlook in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Server, your network administrator can add and remove specific Level 1 and Level 2 file extensions. (see picture 1).

Picture 1

It is possible for administrators to prevent you from opening certain file types even if you use this addin. We recommend checking with your system administrator if your attachments still do not show up after installing the addin.

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