Office XP Tweaks - Turn off the Clipboard Toolbar in Office XP

If you copy something to the clipboard twice in any part of Microsoft Office 2000 or XP, a tiny "Clipboard" toolbar will appear. This toolbar, which covers your work and requires that you stop what you're doing to close it or get it out of the way, is not only annoying, but impossible to turn off. Unfortunately, Microsoft has neglected to provide a "don't show this again" option.

The purpose of the Clipboard toolbar is to allow you to store up to a dozen items in the clipboard, but if you didn't specifically intend to use this feature, the little toolbar just gets in the way. Here's how to turn it off for good.

  1. Open an Office application, and select Options from the Tools menu.
  2.  Choose the Edit tab and turn off the Show Paste Options buttons and Show Insert Options buttons options.
  3. Click Ok when you're done.



Lex van der Horst

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