Office XP Tweaks - Specifying a Template for AutoText

Many people use Word 2000's AutoText feature (see picture 1)to reduce their number of keystrokes and speed work. The downside of AutoText is that you sometimes see those yellow boxes popping up too frequently, which can be especially annoying if they don't pertain to the matter at hand. If you are a user who works on several types of documents, it can be helpful to specify certain AutoText entries to correspond to certain types of templates.

Let's say you have an AutoText entry for your company name--we'll call it Fake Acme Inc.-- and you want to make sure that AutoText pops up only when you're writing company letters. To designate this AutoText entry for letters only, go to Insert, AutoText, AutoText to open the AutoText tab of the AutoCorrect dialog box. Then click on the entry you wish to modify (in our example Fake Acme Inc.) and select a template from the Look In menu. When you finish, click OK.

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