Network Tweaks - Faster browsing on the Internet or your Network

By doing the following steps you can browse on the Internet or Network faster. It uses the same technique as http://localhost. When you type http://localhost you will be redirected to your own IP. By adding some lines you could reach your IP by just typing http://l. Observe that some names can effect your network.

  1. Find out which IP you would like to have a name for. It could be a website,  a place on your network or anything else that got an ip-number. 
    The localhost uses the IP To find out a website's IP just type  "ping" (without the "") in the command prompt (Start -> Run -> and type: cmd.exe).
  2. Browse to WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc.
  3. Open the file called host in notepad.
  4. Below " localhost" type the IP followed by a name. Read in the file itself for more information.
  5. If you for example type search (the IP belongs to and saves the file, you will end up on Google's site if you type search in the address bar in your Internet Browser.



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