Miscellaneous Tweaks - The key with the Windows logo

The key with the Windows-logo (bottom left of Microsoft orientated keyboards), you can find underneath the keyboard of most keyboards, is a very useful key. This key is not used by everyone. This is a little pity because this key is very useful.

With this key the next commands can be executed:

  • Winkey + Start Menu
  • Winkey + D: Minimize or restore all windows.
  • Winkey + E: Windows Explorer.
  • Winkey + F: Search for Files and Folder.
  • Winkey + Ctrl + F: Search for Computers.
  • Winkey + F1: Help and Support Center.
  • Winkey + R: Start Run Command.
  • Winkey + Pause Break: System Properties.
  • Winkey + Shift + M: Restore all Minimize windows.
  • Winkey + L: Lock Workstation.
  • Winkey + U: Utility Manager.



Lex van der Horst

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