Miscellaneous Tweaks - Editor Change

Windows uses Notepad as the default batch file editor. However, many people became accustomed to the old MS-DOS Edit program. If you fall into this group, you can make edit.com your default editor. All you have to do is make a change to the Registry. To do this follow the next steps:

If you'll want able to right click and open any folder the command line, follow the next steps:

  1. To open the Registry Editor click on the Start button on your taskbar, then click on Run and type "regedit" and click on OK to start the regedit utility.
  2. Expand HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\batfile\shell\edit\command (see picture 1).

    Picture 1
  3. In the right pane, double-click on the Default icon to open the Edit String dialog box. Type in for example  c:\winnt\system32\edit.com and click on OK (see picture 2).

    Picture 1
  4. The modifications you made will be in effect after you reboot your PC.



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