Internet Explorer Tweaks - Command line switches for Internet Explorer

When you run Internet Explorer from the command line (click Start -> Run, then type iexplore.exe), you can add additional commands that affect the way Internet Explorer runs or appears.

Here are a few of your command line options. Just type them in the Run window after iexplore.exe. All work with Internet Explorer 6.x.

-e Launches the browser in Explorer mode, with your system’s structure displayed in the left pane and the browser window in the right pane. This feature is especially helpful when you’re trying to locate local graphics, Web pages, etc. and view them in Internet Explorer.

-new Opens up a new instance of Internet Explorer. You can also do this by clicking the Internet Explorer shortcut again.

-k Kiosk mode – a great mode for demonstrating a site. It prevents users from clicking away to irrelevant sites. In this mode there are no toolbars, and only one screen. Set the site you plan to demo as the home page and start in kiosk mode. The only way users can navigate is by using links present on the screen (no typing in URLs). Use Alt-Tab if you need to switch to another program, and use Alt-F4
to close the window when you’re finished.

These command line switches have been around since Internet Explorer 4 but they work just as well with Internet Explorer 6 too.



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