Manuals - Convert MP3 to WMA format

This guide describes how to convert your .mp3 files into the .wma format.

Windows Media Encoder is free and available in many languages.

You can download it from the following URL:

Be aware that you choose the right language version. Install the program after download en start it (see picture 1).

Picture 1

After you startup the Window Media Encoder, choose the icon "Convert a file". Very handy is the possibility that you can convert without first to convert to wave format. After you have choose "Convert a file" click on the OK button.

In the New Session Wizard choose the Source file and the Output file (see picture 2)

Picture 2

In the New session Wizard choose a profile. In this example use the "File download (computer playback)" profile and click on the Next button (see picture 3).

Picture 3

Then choose how you want to encode your audio or video. In this example use the CD quality (VBR) profile and click on the Next button (see picture 4).

Picture 4

Optional you can fill in some information as described in (picture 5) and click on the Next button.

Picture 5

Click on Finish when ready (see picture 6).

Picture 6

The conversion will started after you clicked on the Finish button (see picture 7).

Picture 7



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