Setting up NFS LANs

The configuration of NFS Network determines how Client for NFS will browse NFS servers on networks outside of the network in which it resides.

You can set up LAN segments to broadcast to specific areas of your network. In addition, you can set up as many LAN segments as you like. If you have only one LAN segment, or if you have only NFS servers on a LAN segment, you need set up only one of these. When you set up an NFS LAN by LAN segment, you supply an NFS LAN name and a valid address in that LAN along with the subnet mask of the LAN. The NFS LAN name is only a label and has no other significance, so it can be any name you choose.

If you do not want to browse for all NFS servers on a LAN segment, you can add the servers to which you connect most frequently to the Favorite LAN, and then browse by host name. While you can create an unlimited number of LAN segments, there can be only one Favorite LAN per system.

For more information about adding LANs to NFS Network, see To add a LAN to the NFS network.