Release Notes


Exporter Pro v1.8

Exporter Pro v1.7

Exporting Logged On Users

Information for locally logged on users can now be exported.  The Logged On Users export is managed under Other Settings on the Export Configuration Properties.  The information exported is identical to what is displayed when viewing logged on users with Hyena.

Exporting Files and Directories

The file and directory exporting options use user-defined templates similar to those used for Registry, WMI, and Active Directory exporting.  For more information, see the Exporting File and Directory Information topic.  NTFS security information can also be exported for files and directories.

Other Changes

Exporter Pro v1.6

Storage of Template Settings

Previous versions of Exporter Pro determined which Active Directory, WMI, or Registry templates were active (enabled) by a setting stored in the corresponding .CFG file.  Since all export configurations share the same .CFG file, this behavior caused all configurations to also shared which templates were enabled at any given time.

Exporter Pro v1.6 now stores the active export templates for all Active Directory, WMI, and Registry exports in a setting in the configuration properties.  This allows any combination of templates to be selected for all export configurations, without the template selections of one export to affect another.

This new change will take effect automatically for any existing export configurations.

Other Changes

Exporter Pro v1.5

Wildcard Support for "Only Export Items in File..." Options

Several of Exporter Pro's export options support supplying lists of specific items (services, computers, etc.).  When available, these lists can now include items with leading and/or trailing wildcards (*).  For example, under the Service export properties, a file can be specified that contains the list of services to export.  This file can now contain entries such as:


The entries are case-insensitive.

Viewing Exported Files

Exporter Pro now has the option to view/open the last exported output files.  This option is available both on the Export menu as well as the toolbar.  If desired, a command can be specified to be used to open the files.  Use the symbol %E% as a placeholder for the selected file(s).  For example:

"c:\program files\microsoft office\office10\excel.exe" "%E%"

Exporting Security Information

Exporting of security information is being integrated into Exporter Pro.  Presently, security can be exported for shares, printers, registry keys, and services.  To enable security exporting, select Export Properties->Security.  See the Setting Export Options, Security topic for more information.

WMI Exporting

Exporting of WMI Information has been added to Exporter Pro.   WMI adds virtually unlimited exporting capabilities due to its extensive set of management classes.  For more information about WMI, see the Setting Export Options, WMI topic.

Other Changes


Previous Versions


Created an option to retrieve domain computer accounts by either using the SAM/Active Directory as the source or the Windows browse list.  See the "Computer Source" topic above.

Added support for exporting user last logon information for Windows NT and Active Directory domains and OUs.  See the Last Logon Exporting topic for more information.

1.0 'D'

1.0 'C'

v1.0 'B'

v1.0 - Initial Release