About Hyena


Hyena is a tool for day-to-day administration of Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 systems.   

Hyena brings together all of the administrative tools from Windows such as User Manager, Server Manager, and File Manager/Explorer, and many of the MMC components from Windows 2000/2003 into a single, easy-to-use, centralized program. Hyena arranges all system objects, such as users, servers, and groups, in a hierarchical tree for easy and logical system administration. Here's a sample of just a few of Hyena's functions:

Create, modify, delete, and view users, groups, and group membership

Modify single or multiple user properties, including terminal server and Exchange mailbox settings

Automatically create home directory and home shares for users, including full security configuration

Browse all server shares, copy and delete files without drive mappings

View and control services and drivers for one or more computers

Manage share and file permissions, including creating new shares and viewing all share access rights at the same time

Remotely schedule, delete, and manage jobs for multiple computers at the same time

Remotely shutdown and reboot any single or group of computers

View remaining disk space for multiple computers at the same time

Execute WMI queries on one or more computers, manipulate data using WMI and execute WMI methods

View events, sessions, shares, processes, and open files for any server

More information about Hyena is available at http://www.systemtools.com/hyena.

Hyena is also integrated with Exporter Pro and free Exporter Pro licenses are included with all Hyena licenses.  See the Licensing and Purchase topic for more information.