Licensing and Purchase Information


SystemTools Exporter Pro is licensed based on the number of users actually using the product.  Exporter Pro may be installed on multiple computers, as long as enough licenses have been purchased for everyone that will be using the product. Until licensed, Exporter Pro will function for thirty (30) days after installation.  All functionality of Exporter Pro is available during this 30-day trial period.

Hyena and Exporter Pro Licensing

A license to use Exporter Pro is also provided for each license of Hyena v5.5 and later (either Standard or Enterprise Editions).  For example, an organization that has a 3-user license of Hyena v5.5 is also granted a 3-user license of Exporter Pro.  The Exporter Pro licenses included in any Hyena licenses, cannot, however, be "unbundled" or separated from the Hyena licenses and used by different users from those using the Hyena licenses.

Exporter Pro should automatically detect an installed Hyena license and use it automatically.  However, the Hyena license and organization name can be entered directly into Exporter Pro's Licensing dialog.

Licensing Exporter Pro Directly

When purchased separately, a unique licensing code is provided for all purchased licenses of Exporter Pro.  The provided licensing code and licensee name can be entered into Exporter Pro's Licensing dialog.  An Exporter Pro license code cannot be used with Hyena.  However, discounted Hyena pricing is available for existing licensees of Exporter Pro.


Exporter Pro licenses are priced at $99 US dollars per license.  Exporter Pro may be purchased by visiting  

Upgrading to Hyena

Discounts are available on purchases of Hyena for existing licensees of Exporter Pro.

For 30 days after purchase of any license of Exporter Pro, the full purchase price* of the Exporter Pro licenses can be applied for upgrading to an equal or greater number of licenses of Hyena.

After 30 days, a discount will be applied to any Hyena purchase based on 50% of the licensing cost of the equivalent number of Hyena Standard Edition licenses to the number of Exporter Pro licenses.  Maintenance purchases are excluded from this discount.

For example, if three (3) Exporter Pro licenses are upgraded to a 5-user Hyena Enterprise Edition license, the upgrade cost would be calculated as:

Hyena 5-User Enterprise Edition license cost:


   Less: 50% cost of 3-User Standard Edition license:


Upgrade cost:


*Credit towards the purchase of Hyena during the first 30 days of purchase of Exporter Pro only applies to sales made by SystemTools Software Inc.  Purchases made through a reseller may be subject to other restrictions.  Contact your reseller, if applicable, for additional information.

Verifying Licensing

To verify the current licensee and number of licenses, select Exporter Pro's View->Licensing dialog.