When Windows Disk Protection is turned on, all changes to the hard disk and program files are cleared and the cache file is emptied at the specified interval you set. As users use the computer, the cache file fills with all changes to the operating system and program files. Windows Disk Protection created the cache file at 50 percent of the free disk space (up to 40 GB) to give shared users plenty of disk space to use.

When disk space usage reaches approximately 70 percent of the chache file capacity, the person using the computer will receive a warning. If that person continues working on the computer and disk space usage reaches approximately 80 percent of the cache file capacity, the computer will restart and clear the cache.

To clear the cache

  1. Have the shared user save files to a removable storage device (if possible) and log off of the computer.

  2. Log on as an administrator.

  3. Open Windows SteadyState.

  4. Click Protect the Hard Disk.

  5. Ensure that Remove all changes at restart is the selected.

  6. Restart the computer. The cache file is now cleared.

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