On the Windows Restrictions tab, you can set restriction levels that define the content of menus and the Windows XP or Windows Vista tools and features that a user has access to. The Windows Restrictions tab is divided into:

Figure 5: The Windows Restrictions tab.

Windows Restrictions User Settings Screen Shot

When you select the High restrictions, Medium restrictions, or Low restrictions option on the Windows Restrictions tab, the appropriate types of restrictions are automatically selected. When you select individual types of restrictions, Custom restrictions is automatically selected. Windows Restrictions include:

Note IconNote:
When the Disable Keyboard Shortcuts that Use the Windows Logo Key option is selected on the General Restrictions tab in User Settings, there are two shortcut keys that cannot be disabled.

Hide Drives

On the Windows Restrictions tab, under Hide Drives, you can select which drives are not visible to the user in My Computer. You can select the option to hide all drives, show all drives, or to select specific drives that you do not want exposed to the user, including devices such as printers or removable storage devices.

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