On the Feature Restrictions tab, you can select restrictions that will prevent users from accessing program attributes that could damage or clutter the computer. For example, you can use restrictions to prevent users from adding to the Clip Organizer, disabling macro menu items, running Microsoft Visual Basic®, or running system tools and other management tools. Feature restrictions include:

The Feature Restrictions tab is organized identically to the Windows Restrictions tab, with restriction level options on the left and the categories and restriction options in the list box on the right. When you select the level of restrictions, options on the list of restrictions to the right will appear as selected.

Internet Explorer Restrictions

With Internet Explorer Restrictions you can set restrictions in Internet Explorer to remove attributes and menu options you may not want users to access. For example, you can restrict shared users from the Favorites menu in Internet Explorer by selecting the Do not allow access to Favorites restriction.

Microsoft Office Restrictions

With Microsoft Office Restrictions you can restrict features in Microsoft Office. For example, one of the ways that you can restrict shared users from using macros is to select both Disable macro shortcut keys and Disable macros. Both of these restrictions are available under Microsoft Office Restrictions on the Feature Restrictions tab.

Home Page

In the Home Page check box, you can type the Web address of the home page you want to configure for the shared user profile. This is the home page a shared user will see each time they open Internet Explorer.

Web Addresses Allowed

If you select the Prevent Internet access (except Web sites below) option under Internet Explorer Restrictions, you can type the address of the Web sites available to the user profile in the Web Addresses Allowed check box. To enter multiple Web addresses, separate each Web address with a semicolon; for example, type microsoft.com; msn.com.

Note IconNote:
Do not enter the protocol prefixes http: or https: in the Web Addresses Allowed box when you enter Web addresses you want to allow the user profile to access.

For more information about parental controls and advanced Internet filtering, see Windows Live.

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