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Types of Parameters
Some parameters are required; you must enter values in these in order to run the report. The parameter type is indicated in the top right corner of the parameter card. Required parameters that you have not yet filled in are indicated by. Once you have entered an acceptable value, a green check mark is displayed.
You can choose whether to enter values in an optional parameter. Optional parameters have a green check mark icon regardless of whether a value is provided.
To enter a parameter value
– OR – 
If there is a search icon, click and search for the value. For more information, see Searching for Parameter Values.
Select a value using the list, radio buttons or other user control.
If a parameter has a list, it indicates that you can choose from values populated from existing data. As you type, Enterprise Reporter automatically searches for the closest match from this list. Date parameters provide a second arrow that shows a calendar you can use to select a date.
If you have added a value you no longer want, select the value from the list and click Remove.