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Introducing Quest Reporter : Appendix A: Configuring Quest Reporter : Customizing Quest Reporter Settings : Installing Compressed Data Transport Mode

Installing Compressed Data Transport Mode
You may have chosen to install only the direct data transport mode when you initially installed Reporter. You can switch to compressed data transport mode at any time using the Configure utility. To set up the compressed data transport mode, you must
If you decide to use compressed data transport mode, queues are created through MSMQ. To view and manage these queues, use Microsoft native tools.
To use the compressed data transport mode, MSMQ must be installed on the RDC host and the Console host.
If you are installing on Windows 2000 and MSMQ is not detected, you will not be able to select the compressed data transport mode. You must manually install MSMQ before proceeding with the installation.
To install compressed data transport mode
To install on the Console host, select Start | All Programs | Quest Software | Quest Management Suite | Reporter | Configure.
– OR – 
To install on an RDC host, expand Scheduled Collections, right-click an RDC host, then select Configuration.
Click Compressed Data Mode.
Click Install.
Click Next.
This account requires the right Log on as a service. This right is assigned automatically to the account if it is not already assigned.
Click Next to start the installation.
Click Finish.