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Introducing Quest Reporter : Appendix B: Attributes and Regular Expressions : Grouping and Sorting Attributes

Grouping and Sorting Attributes
You can group, sort, and select the attributes that you want displayed in the report.
To group the attributes in a predefined report template
Click the Grouping tab.
The following example shows that the report will be grouped by the Domain attribute. The Account Disabled attribute will not be displayed in the report output.
The icon indicates that the attribute will appear in the report. Right-click the attribute and select Visible to remove the check mark and turn this feature off. You can use this feature to avoid repeating the same information throughout a report.
For example, if you are generating the Disabled Accounts report, you may not need to repeat in the report that each account is disabled. On the properties dialog box for the Disabled Accounts report template, click the Grouping tab. Right-click the Account Disabled attribute and select Visible.
Click OK.