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Introducing Quest Reporter : Creating Custom Report Templates and Favorites : Using Favorites for Frequent Reporting

Using Favorites for Frequent Reporting
As an administrator, there may be report templates that you run on a regular basis. Reporter allows you to create and display favorites grouped by organizational folders and subfolders for better organization and easier access. Rather than having to browse through all the available report templates, you can create favorites that you can quickly use on a frequent basis.
A favorite saves the following report settings:
Favorites are stored on your local drive in the following location: Program Files\Common Files\Quest Shared\Quest Management Suite\Favorites.
The values that are set in a favorite are created and saved in the report template. Once set, this information is retained for future report generation.
You can share a favorite report template with another user. Send the .inf file and have the user copy it to the Favorites folder (Program Files\Common Files\Quest Shared\Quest Management Suite\Favorites).
Using Windows Explorer, you can organize favorites by adding or deleting folders, moving favorites between folders, moving entire folder hierarchies, renaming folders and reports, sharing favorites with other users, and setting security permissions on favorites directories.