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Introducing Quest Reporter : Creating and Using Object Sets : Creating Object Sets : Creating a Dynamic Object Set

Creating a Dynamic Object Set
With dynamic object sets, the focus is on pattern matching, where you specify search criteria using queries and filters. For example, you could have a dynamic object set where the contents are defined by a query such as, include all computers that have names that start with an A.
To create a dynamic object set
The resulting dialog box allows you to define your query parameters.
– OR – 
Select Custom Search.
This provides you with a more extensive list of object types to choose from, and the option, under the Advanced tab, to search using an LDAP query.
– OR – 
Select Common Queries.
This allows you to base your search on name and description criteria for users, computers, and groups. The Users tab provides additional search options such as Disabled Accounts, Non Expiring Passwords, and Days Since Last Logon.
For example, if you selected computers as the object type and entered DC1 as the value, the query would focus on all computer names that start with this value.
Click Field and select the field to search on.
Click Condition and select the condition to apply.
Click Add.
Click Find Now to show the query results.
The following scenario demonstrates how using both tabs works. Suppose you select Users, Contacts, and Groups, and enter "Ad" for the group name. You then click the Advanced tab and select User for the Field and Name from the list of user attributes, "Starts with" for the Condition, and M for the value. The search will return all users whose name starts with either "M" or "m" who are members of any group whose name starts with "Ad" or "ad".
Click OK to return to the Object Picker.