Using the Text Chat away system

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Away system overview

The away system lets you find out if another user is currently paying attention to the chat window.

Away status is indicated by icon color in the users list:



away state

normal user online
normal user away
operator online
operator away
user is muted online
user is muted away

The following functions are available:

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Setting 'away' status

To set status to 'away':
  1. Issue the set away command by clicking on the 'set away' toolbar button ( details).
  2. The 'Set away reason' window will appear ( illustration).

    This window will contain a default away message that can be created or edited in options or phonebook record settings. Enter an away message text if desired and click on the Set Away button.

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Removing 'away' status

To remove 'away' status:
  1. Issue the 'Return from away' command by clicking on the "return from away" toolbar button ( details).

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Checking another user's away information

You can view user information in the following ways:

  1. Right-click on the target user's name and select the Get info menu item. A window with the user’s away information will appear ( illustration).
  2. Use the Get user info toolbar button or associated hotkey <Ctrl>+<I>.
  3. Use the "/userinfo <user name>" text command.

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