Using the Radmin Viewer phonebook

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Phonebook overview

The Radmin Viewer phonebook ( illustration) lets you manage the list of saved remote computer descriptions with individual labels and settings.

The left side of the phonebook contains a Folder tree that can be organized just like folders in Explorer. The records list on the right displays the selected folder contents as a list of records and sub-folders. The special 'go up' icon lets you display the contents of the parent folder. Double-clicking a record will launch a connection to the corresponding remote computer using the current connection mode.

tip The Folder tree can be hidden to preserve screen space.

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Phonebook icons

The phonebook has the following icons for showing different records and special items:

– Record with a description of the remote computer
– The record running Radmin Server found during the last scan

noteThis information is valid for the last scan, and may be obsolete.

– Folder. Double-clicking on it will display its contents.
– Double-clicking on it will display the contents of the parent folder.

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Using phonebook

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