Users and groups

In Process Manager, users and groups are included as actual participants in formal processes. They can be active participants where they mark tasks as completed or not completed, or approve or deny requests. Or they can be passive participants where they simply receive notifications of changes. Various workflow actions involve users and groups, such as sending e-mails, getting approvals, completing manual actions, and so on. The users also have important roles in the Web application in the approval or denial of requests.

Process Manager does not maintain a separate user database. Instead, it facilitates access to and interaction with users and groups you have already set up on the local system or via Active Directory. To make users and groups accessible in workflows, you need to set up connections to them using the Database Utility. See "Configuring users and groups".

When you include an action that involves more than one approver, you can decide whether to require all approvers to OK the request, or whether only one approval is required. If you specify All must approve, you can also indicate a percentage in order to allow something less than 100% (percentages are always rounded up).  If you specify Any may approve, the process will continue as soon as a single approval has been received.

If you include a group, Process Manager treats the entire group as an individual approver. Once any member of the group records an approval or denial, it is treated as a group decision and other group members can no longer approve or deny.

For accountability purposes, the audit history maintains a record of who approved or denied the request.